Our approach to UX, web design and web development projects at DotLabel

We love to partner with businesses that want to make a real difference with their digital presence. Whether you want to reinvigorate an out-dated bespoke web application, launch a new website or transform underperforming complex online forms, our team of UX, web design and web development experts are here to advise and support you on your journey.

We work at our best when we can understand what you want to achieve and the problems you need to solve. It is then we can provide you with innovative, user-focused, result-driven solutions.


Our brand values summarise our approach:

We are user-driven and results-focused in everything we do

We are collaborative and supportive to our colleagues, clients and agency partners

We are inquisitive and agile to ensure we deliver the very best solution

We work with passion, integrity and a smile!



Our project process

Whilst each client is different, projects often follow the same general process, outlined below are the key phases your project would go through when you work with the DotLabel team. We take a flexible approach to project management, and can work in a Waterfall or Agile methodology, depending on what suits your needs.

Research, Analyse, Plan

Start with a Stakeholder Discovery Workshop
Here we bring together the key people who have a stake in the project, from top level management to customer facing staff. The aim of the workshop is to identify potential issues, obstacles, opportunities and knowledge gaps. This exercise helps define the full scope of the project requirements, ensuring clear objectives and enabling accurate costs and timescale.

Discovery Research, Analysis and Insight
The best decisions are based on fact rather than assumptions, and so we use the 4 pillars of research to guide our discovery phase. Our flexible user experience methodology means that we can tailor our solutions to meet different objectives and budgets.

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Create, Test, Iterate

Structure, content and design
The insights gathered directly feed into the next stages of the project, informing the structure, content and design of the digital solution. Concept designs, wireframes and/or prototypes are developed to bring ideas to life and enable user testing. Gaining vital user feedback and making changes at this stage saves considerable time and costs, compared to making changes at the more expensive development stage.

Web development
With the specification of your digital experience now clearly defined, the development team can get to work, efficiently creating your website, application or portal. Thorough testing takes place before going live on a suitable, secure platform.

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Launch, Support, Review

Your journey
Once you have launched your digital project, the journey really begins. The digital landscape is constantly changing and your users' expectations continue to evolve, we can help support you and ensure your online experience stays relevant, effective and up-to-date for continued success.


Ongoing partnership
We are strong believers in creating partnerships with our clients and enjoy helping companies with their ongoing digital journeys. We love generating ideas and developing solutions to help our clients stay ahead of the game.

Take a look at some of our work

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  • Interaction Design Association
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