Website design is constantly in a state of evolution. As new technologies and trends impact audience expectations, you need to know that your website can deliver the user experience your ideal audience desires.

pixel intro4Here are 19 valuable website branding tips that will help you to hone your digital presence and ensure that your site branding is engaging, appealing and satisfying.

1. Develop a brand style guide
An effective style guide will capture the essence of your brand and become a valuable document during your web design process. In addition to setting out key colour palettes, this guide should also detail factors including fonts and preferred imagery styles.

2. Showcase your identity
If your audience can relate to your brand, they will find it markedly easier to engage with your content and ultimately trust that the products/services you are offering will solve an issue or somehow enhance their lives.

pixel perspective3. Consider your site from the perspective of a user
Focusing on showcasing what your product/service does and why your brand is trustworthy will help you to avoid getting distracted by small design elements and foreground functionality over form.

4. Be consistent
Delivering visual consistency is a critical part of strong branding. Trying to integrate too many visual styles into your site design will dilute your branding and confuse your audience.

5. Ensure your contact information is clearly visible
No one wants to have to search a site high and low for contact information. Ideally, your contact information should be clearly visible on every page.

pixel feedback06. Good website branding responds effectively to data-driven findings
Consulting your analytics and running diagnostics will highlight any errors that are preventing your audience from receiving maximum value from their time spent on your site. Get feedback from your audience and make sure you know what they want and are expecting from your site, don’t just make assumptions.

7. Focus on value
Visitors will find your site much more valuable if you channel the passion you have for what you do into demonstrating precisely how your brand/product will benefit them.

pixel delivering8. Deliver what you promise.
If your brand promises excellent customer service or the best value products, then you need to ensure the business can fulfil the expectations it is setting. Delivering on your promises will increase brand loyalty and drive new business through recommendations, if you fail to deliver you can seriously harm the brand.

9. Immediately improve website design by ditching scrolling images
Virtually no one clicks on scrolling hero images, so now is the time to ditch them.

pixelsocial network310. Boost engagement with your social channels
Social media widgets will ensure that your visitors have instant access to a consistent stream of information about your brand and the products/services you provide.

11 Use customer support bots
If managed carefully, many simple customer queries can be answered by customer support bots and visitors will be impressed by your site’s ability to deliver an immediate response.

12. Update your copyright
Out of date copyright information is an immediate sign that your business is outdated and isn’t channelling enough care and attention into your digital presence.

pixel simplicity

13. Simplicity is key
Your site shouldn’t make it difficult for your audience to locate basic information. People generally don’t read properly on the web, they skim read so long pages of copy and too many design elements could drive people away.

14. Prioritise clarity
Don’t make your visitors work hard to get what they want. Prioritise clarity over cleverness.

pixel action2

15. Centralise one primary call to action
Whether you want to encourage email sign-ups, contact submissions or sales, make the action you want them to take clear and straightforward.  

16. Demonstrate a desire to address your customers’ needs
Although you should be proud of accolades and awards, your audience will find those things meaningless if you don’t clearly set out how your business will address their needs.


17. Incorporate video
Integrating video into your site will encourage visitors to spend more time engaging with your content. In addition to increasing your site’s SEO, your audience will get a much clearer idea as to who you are and what you do, and help bring your brand to life.

18. Use visual cues to deliver your message
Strong visuals will showcase your brand’s personality, which will ultimately help you to forge important connections with your audience.

19. Showcase your customers
Displaying reviews and testimonials from your existing customers will increase conversions by giving potential customers the confidence that your products/services deliver on their promises.

Some of these tips may sound obvious, but when you are swept up in the creativity of a website branding redesign, the all important user centric design can sometimes be overtaken favour of a design which ‘looks nice’.

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