Not knowing your website budget is OK, it is something that a specialist UX digital agency, like DotLabel, can help you to define. But some clients actively choose not to disclose it for fear it will “get used up”.

However there are very good reasons why sharing your available budget with your agency will benefit you.


1. It saves time

When a digital agency knows what budget you have available and what you require, they can give an immediate assessment if they are able to deliver what you are looking for, if not they may be able to recommend another digital agency that is more suitable.

2. You’ll get a like-for-like comparison

If you receive responses from different digital agencies with different inclusions it makes it very difficult to compare between suppliers. One provider may submit the lowest price, but is it the best value? 

3. Priorities and relevance

Your objectives and available budget will ultimately determine what is the best solution proposed. With user research for example, a combination of techniques would be chosen to get the most insight for the best value. If budget allows for face-to-face user interviews or a focus workshop, this might be the optimum choice, if not, then a user survey might be an affordable alternative.

4. Partnership and trust

The strongest relationships are built on honesty and transparency, if you are open with your digital UX agency, you will find that they will respond positively, helping you to achieve your objectives.


An established digital agency with a good reputation will be driven to deliver the best results for your business. If you succeed, so do they, as they will also benefit from a great case study to shout about, industry awards to enter, repeat business and referrals.

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