5 reasons why you need to invest in User Experience for your website, app or online portal

1. Users expect more
As consumers interact with more websites and digital applications their expectations are raised. Your users expect the same level of experience. Without understanding the needs and frustrations of your users, how do you expect to meet or exceed their demands and maintain a competitive advantage?

2. Research and insight is worth more than opinion
Opinions can be dangerously subjective. Making decisions based on what one person likes or dislikes can have a serious negative impact on your website or app. Instead combining insight from the 5 key pillars of research; user, stakeholder, expert, competitor and analytics, will ensure that you create a solution that focuses on the needs of the user, whilst delivering the results your business needs.

3. Google analytics can’t tell you everything
Whilst interesting data can be derived from web analytics, it can’t provide insight on what your users are thinking or feeling. Dwell times and bounce rates are one-dimensional quantitative statistics that shouldn’t be viewed in isolation. Read more on this

4. A nice design doesn’t necessarily mean an effective design. Whilst an attractive-looking site is important, if it makes compromises on the user experience it means that it is not effective. Hidden navigation is a classic example, whilst the interface may look snazzy and slick, if it means users can’t find what they want; it is ultimately a poor design.

5. Understanding your user will improve your results
Without question, this is the one reason that should make all marketers sit up and take note of User Experience. Whether your goal is to increase enquiries, sales, engagement or reduce calls, getting a deeper understanding of your consumers means you can tailor your users’ experience and therefore optimise your conversions. Read more on this


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