The benefits of custom web design are numerous; it’s something that will help you retain a distinct competitive advantage within your marketplace for years to come.

What is custom web design?
Custom web design puts you firmly in control of every aspect of your digital presence. As the virtual shop front of your business, your website needs to include the features and functionalities that your audience want, expect and find valuable. It’s highly unlikely that you will find a template that does everything you need it to do but selecting the custom design route will allow you to tailor everything from colour schemes and graphics to site architecture and navigation menus.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the key benefits of web designing services.

lemon 3303842 19221.Embrace individuality
If you want to stand out from the crowd, you’re going to have to embrace your individuality. Tailoring every element to your vision and brand identity will help you to communicate exactly who you are and what you can offer.

2.Enhance your credibility
If visitors can see that you have invested in a unique and highly functional website, they are immediately going to be more likely to trust and believe that you will deliver on your promises.

3.The need for speed
Audiences want instant access to the information they are looking for and if your site doesn’t fully load within 3 seconds you’re going to lose visitors to your competitors. Custom building your website will enable you to avoid the integration of any unnecessary features, functionalities and bloatware which will only serve to add seconds you can’t afford to your site speed.

4.Enhance your security
After several headline-hitting data breaches in recent years, consumers and search engines have been taking security much more seriously. Building your site on a frequently targeted platform will immediately make your most valuable digital asset open to the same vulnerabilities as every other site built using that same platform. One of the primary advantages of custom design is the ability to max out your security and deliver a reassuringly safe experience for your visitors.

slinky5.Retain maximum flexibility
If you’re just starting out, you might not need a complex website. Simplicity is often a great starting place, however this might all change in six months or a year. As your business expands and evolves, you are probably going to need your site to do more of the heavy lifting but if your site can’t handle the integration of additional tools or capabilities, you’re going to struggle to secure the meaningful results you need to sustain your growth.

6. Deliver an optimised customer journey
Building a personalised customer journey will ensure that your visitors won’t need to complete any superfluous actions, which will ultimately decrease drop-offs and increase your conversions.

7.Enhance your search engine visibility
The additional control you will have over every facet of your online presence will help you to comprehensively align your content strategy with your marketing, branding and design strategies and rank well in search engine results pages (SERPs) and outrank your competitors.

8.Enjoy elevated functionality
Custom design can enable the optimisation of many business functions that will allow you and your team to focus your attention on other important tasks. From integrating APIs to automatically push and assign leads in your CRM system to triggering marketing automation email campaigns and customised web content based upon onsite behaviour. These feature will then free up time for you to focus on other proactive activities instead of data inputting and scheduling.

stairs 3112405 19209.Look to the future and plan for scalability
If future growth is on your agenda, you’re going to need a website that is adaptable and scalable. As some off the shelf website platforms aren’t scalable or particularly adaptable, your site would start out with a limited lifespan and it won’t be long until you need to start thinking about a potentially costly redesign. Custom designs are built from the ground up, which means that there is no limits to the scalability and future potential of your website and your business.

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