As Digital Marketers, it's our job to spot opportunities which are right for our particular marketing mix and ensure that the customer is getting a great experience across all digital touch points.

Too often I am asked for quick fixes to improve the UI of a website, quick fixes to deploy a campaign site and quick fixes to improve SEO. Ideas can range from the broadly sensible to the utterly insane but the answer every time is inherently simple; get the foundations right and then build up your offering from there. If you need to run campaign sites build a website that allows campaign sites to sit under the same domain and reap all the SEO benefits of that rich and relevant content.

The core foundations of almost any digital offering are tools to collect data (Websites, Apps, Devices, Sensors etc) and tools to store and analyse this data (Database, CRM, Analytics tools). Combine the above with a marketing automation solution and you have a solid digital basis to build from.

All of this technology is redundant without a great content strategy, a social strategy, an SEO strategy and a plan for how to implement these tactically. Once this content is in place, it is easier to get richer insight into what content customers are and are not engaging with. Split test your content and refine the offering, see what works and more importantly learn what does not.

Whilst I acknowledge that the above is a vastly simplified approach. All too often I still see marketers who are looking for quick wins, have a beautiful content strategy which is feeding into a website that cannot store even 1/3 of the rich insight they could be gaining into their customers. This aside, consumers expect brands to use the data they collect to improve their experience with that brand, why hand over data which makes no difference to the products and services which are offered!

The challenges with overhauling these core elements usually boil down to one or more of the following five ‘prosperity blockers’:

  • Lack of time
  • Lack of budget
  • Lack of knowledge or unwillingness to try things at senior levels
  • Legacy infrastructure
  • Business politics

And it takes a ballsy team to tackle these issues. Overhauling a database solution can be expensive, but what is the cost to the business of not making this shift?

You wouldn't imagine building a house on top of insecure foundations or re-fitting the inside of a leaking boat only to know the work will be ruined when the water leaks in. However, this is just what many companies are doing when it comes to their underlying tech stack.

Putting strong foundations in place ensures that digital marketers are able to better tailor and optimise the experience that they are offering to their existing customers.

In such a competitive market place, there are other businesses that can and will fulfil a customers needs in a heartbeat and to stay relevant businesses must shift their mentality to embrace rather than endure the effects of digital disruption.

DotLabel has a wealth of experience working with clients of all size to put in these essential digital foundations and with our network of expert partner agencies are set up to assist regardless of your current position on your journey to digital prosperity. I would love to hear from you and see how we can help

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By Mike Craddock Posted 16 October 2015