Why building a new website is like building a new house

Imagine you're about to begin building a new house. Is hiring an interior designer the first thing on your list? Absolutely not! Well, building a successful website is much like many other forms of construction. There are several crucial elements in transforming your vision into a reality that will deliver genuine value to your business.

A successful build is all in the planning

You wouldn’t plough ahead with the construction of a new house without a plan and your approach to web development should be no different. Although you might have some preliminary ideas, it’s impossible to create a functional and intuitive website if you don’t really know what you need it to do.

It’s difficult to provide accurate costs without seeing the plans

Before breaking ground, you would ask yourself a variety of questions. Two storeys or three? An open-plan kitchen/dining space or separate rooms? As it’s impossible to cost an abstract concept; it’s vital that you're prepared to work through a series of important questions with a team who can shape your ideas into a workable and fully costed approach.

Meeting business objectives and user needs with a realistic budget

Your website will be your most valuable digital asset, but it doesn’t have to cost the earth. Unless you have limitless funds, which, let’s be honest, no business does, there will be limitations you will need to embrace during the web development process. But remember, this doesn’t mean you will end up with an inferior final product.

Engage experts as early as possible

Just as you want your home to match your lifestyle, your website must service your business seamlessly. Your online presence will be shaped by a variety of factors but unless you’re a digital design professional, you likely won’t immediately grasp every nuance of web development.

Working with a team of professionals will ensure the right decisions are made at the right times. This will take some pressure off your shoulders and leave you free to focus on the specialist knowledge you can bring.

The importance of understanding the needs of your audience

Although your website must represent the ethos of your business, it is primarily for your audience. If you don’t understand your audience, you aren’t going to be able to create a website that feels as though it has been expertly tailored to their needs.

Crucially, if your audience doesn’t feel that your website is for them, they aren’t going to want to engage with your content and they will turn their attention towards other businesses - who are likely to be your direct competition.

Plan for unforeseen obstacles

Things won’t always go to plan but it’s important not to let these moments define your development process. Just as you may have to adjust the design of your home after a visit from the building inspector, maintaining a level of flexibility and implementing contingency plans will keep your development on track and ensure that you end up with a high-quality website that you're genuinely proud of.

Invest in features that deliver value

If your site hasn’t been equipped with the features and technologies required to propel your business forwards and allow your audience to engage in the ways they want to, it’s going to struggle to deliver a decent return on your investment (ROI).

Just as you wouldn’t build a cinema room in your home if you don’t enjoy watching films, there’s little point implementing a live chat feature if you know that your audience prefers to contact you by telephone.

Planning for the future

Just as you might wire a modern house with Cat6 or fibre cabling for future upgrades, so the digital and business landscape is constantly evolving. This means that some future-proofing is required to ensure that your website will grow with your business and hold its own in increasingly competitive digital marketplaces.


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