Marketing without considering user experience (UX) is a bit like trying to hit a dartboard in the dark. You can’t expect to hit your target without first taking the time to comprehensively understand the task at hand. Since UX is expected to overtake both product and price as the central brand differentiator by 2020, making UX your priority now should be one of the most important tasks on your brand to-do list right now.

Your UX should always aim to create moments of genuine satisfaction for your audience. Good UX is the point at which you meet or surpass your audience’s expectations, prompting them to think ‘yes, that was easy!’

Insight, not assumptions

Don’t assume, ask! With almost 90% of online consumers opting not to return to a website following a bad experience, UX decisions should never be based upon what you think is right and should, instead, be based upon what you know to be right.

Using web analytics and comprehensive user research will remove any assumptions and personal opinions from the picture and ensure that you don’t accidentally fall into any traps that might damage your brand reputation and which can so easily be avoided.

Reduce development costs

Using carefully analysed research and insights to drive key decisions during the design, development, and implementation of your brand’s digital experiences will help you to make the right choices first time. This will, of course, keep your finance department happy by eliminating the need to overspend to fix preventable errors.

Keeping up with evolving customer needs

Poor UX is an unwelcoming and often confusing place. The worst examples are akin to letting busy grocery shoppers loose in a supermarket warehouse and expecting them to be able to locate the produce they need within sealed boxes stacked up to the ceiling.

The best brands listen to their audience and develop innovative approaches to their UX which deliver clear value and fully meet the wants, needs and expectations of the people they really need to engage. Audiences can be fickle and you need to provide experiences worth shouting about.

Keeping development costs down frees up financial resources which can be spent on continuous UX improvement. This allows you to keep up with the ever-evolving demands of consumers who have become accustomed to rapidly changing marketplaces and technological advancements with increasingly intuitive experiences.

Consumers want to be impressed and although it’s perhaps becoming increasingly difficult to do so, nothing worth doing is ever simple.

Delivering consistent online and offline experiences

Articulating your message concisely, clearly, and persuasively is crucial if you're going to appeal to and engage with your target audience. As a professional explainer, you know that your choice of words is an integral component of every campaign, but your copy is not a one-man-band. The layout of each page and how you use individual on-page elements to aid in the communication of your messaging also key to marketing success.

Establishing and maintaining credibility, memorability and brand authority requires seamless on-brand communications in a style that is immediately recognisable as yours. In such a competitive landscape, consumers no longer need or want to support brands that put up a façade. It’s on you to deliver authentic experiences that don’t disappoint.

Optimising customer journeys

UX and usability aren’t the same thing. UX is a much broader concept that influences how your audience feel towards your brand. Reaching far beyond optimised fonts and readability, UX should create genuinely memorable experiences that create positive brand perception, boost traffic, and increase conversions.

UX is a great opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of your brand and to out-perform your competitors. Remember, a website with great marketing and a poor UX is a bit like serving microwave meals at a banquet. Don’t be that brand. You and your audience both deserve more.

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