How to create a great mobile user experience in 2019

Do you want valuable insight and practical tips to help ensure that your digital presence continues to evolve and compete successfully in this fast moving industry?

It is no longer enough to merely provide a desktop responsive website for mobile devices; today’s consumers demand more.

Getting the mobile experience right is vital, with more online searches taking place on mobile and mobile-first indexing from Google, you simply cannot afford to leave it as an afterthought.

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In this free guide, you’ll learn:

  • About a mobile-first approach

  • 9 practical tips with plenty of examples of how to create a great mobile user experience, including; designing for the one thumb user, gesture control and how to streamline processes on mobile.

  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) explained

  • Progressive Web App and what are the benefits?

  • Creating the ultimate UX - thinking beyond screens

“This guide is an excellent, valuable resource for anyone designing a digital experience for mobile”,
Nick Babich, Editor-in-Chief, UX Planet


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