Application UX and UI Design

Do you manage a closed system desktop application or a custom built web application?

Is your system...

  • Suffering from legacy issues
  • Bloated and difficult to use
  • Losing market share to a more user-friendly product
  • Facing increasing overheads?

You probably already know that it is time for some cosmetic work. But how do you ensure that you get it right? How can you guarantee the people using it will be happy? How do you know processes will be more efficient and costs will reduce?


The answer is User Experience (UX) research and design.

When you understand how best to structure your system, optimise the data and process workflows and apply intuitive interactions you can meet the needs and expectations of your users.

The good thing is that you often don’t even need to make changes to the application back-end system to have a big impact on improving usability and experience.

The research and insights provide the intelligence to inform decisions, avoiding assumptions, opinions and best guesses which are expensive to rectify.


How we can help

User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design of an application brings unique challenges and opportunities, which is quite different to designing for a regular website.

At DotLabel, we have years of proven experience in transforming complex underlying processes and creating insight-based user interface design outputs to increase conversion, revenue and efficiency. We work with brands like Airbus, Anthony Nolan, SSP to help solve their complex interface problems. See how we helped Licence Bureau achieve 20% business growth


Step-by-step process

Our approach is to learn all about your system, and then also thoroughly understand your clients (or users) viewpoint through research, enabling us to provide the objective customer-view throughout the project process.

Completely revamping a new system is a long-term commitment and we are used to adapting to projects as they evolve, working closely with in-house project teams and developers. We can start with individual processes and optimise them one at a time, or take on an entire system-wide project.

If you need some help putting together that business case for UX investment in your product, we can help.

Have a product that needs a user-centric overhaul? Contact us today on 01256 329972