User Research, Insights and User Experience

What is User Experience (UX) and why is it important?

UX is the overall experience of a person using a product such as a website or computer application, especially in terms of how easy or pleasing it is to use. Understanding your users, their expectations and goals is key to the success of that product. Using expert knowledge and insight, our UX specialists can define users goals, map tasks and scope scenarios to craft an effective customer experience for a range of user journeys designed to optimise your conversion rate.

Simplifying complex processes

If you have complex processes on your website, app or software platform such as lengthy forms that need accurate data input or time-consuming multi-stage purchase processes, getting the user experience right is vital.

Intelligently simplifying complex processes using insights and user interface design techniques will improve the user journey and provide direct returns for your business.

Flexible approach

Each web project is different, so the type of research you’ll require will depend on your objectives. Our flexible approach means we can tailor a specific research and insights package that will meet your needs. Improving the users’ online experience will dramatically increase your chances of conversion, whether that is more enquiries and sales or better engagement.

UX tools and techniques

We have developed our own UX methodology that we follow for our projects by cherry-picking what we consider to be the best elements of established approaches. Within each phase we have a series of UX tools and techniques available.

Our Insights and UX services are available standalone without web design or development. Contact us for more information about our UX methodology and services.


Flexible User Experience Methodology

Discovery Research 

User Research, Stakeholder Research, Raw Data, UX Expert Review and Competitor Benchmarking.

Analysis & Insight

 Personas, Task Mapping & Analysis, User Journey Mapping, Experience Mapping and Touchpoint Analysis.

Structure and Content

 Information Architecture, Process Flow Mapping and Customer Journey Testing.

Concept and Skeletal design

 Concept Design, Wireframing, Prototyping.

Testing and Refinement

User Testing, Remote User Testing, A/B Testing. Eye Tracking and Heat mapping.


This valuable research and insight helps to test and refine the user experience to ensure it ultimately meets your goals Read more about the research and insight tools we use>>


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