Bespoke Social Intranet Development

A Social Intranet that is designed with its users in mind can add real value to your organisation. By developing a bespoke intranet you will be able to tailor its features to the specific needs of your employees, driving engagement and productivity. 

More than just a hub of information, a successful social intranet should be a digital workspace that helps employees do their job more efficiently, collaborate with their colleagues and feel more connected to your business as a whole.

While there are ‘off-the-shelf’ intranets available, their generic, standard one-size-fits-all approach won’t fulfil the needs of a business that takes their company culture and employees’ needs seriously.


At DotLabel we create social intranets that are:

  • Driven by organisation goals
  • Led by user experience research and design
  • Collaborative at their heart
  • Optimised for mobile
  • Designed for efficient workflows
  • A personalised and customisable experience
  • Integrated with other business IT systems
  • KPI measurable


Our award winning UX, design and development skills combine with our experience to result in social intranets and portals that have game changing results for our clients. 

If you would like to discuss your social intranet ideas and find out how we could help, contact us on 01256 329972.


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Intranet case study: Leigh Day Law Firm

leigh day 

The challenge

In 2017 we launched a new social intranet for the law firm Leigh Day. With over 400 employees, they wanted to replace their out-dated, difficult to use intranet that didn’t integrate with other systems. One of their key objectives was to reduce the huge numbers of emails sent between staff.

The need

Leigh Day wanted a new single-sign on central hub that integrated with their HR system and was fully auditable. The extensive content had to be reorganised in an easy-to-find, logical structure, and importantly the platform had to be easy to use for the intranet administrators as well as the end users.

What we did

Discovery Research
We began with a stakeholder workshop to understand the needs, wants, frustrations and challenges.

Structure and Content
We reviewed the content strategy and information architecture to improve navigation and workflow.

To help the client visualise our approach to simplifying this complex solution we developed wireframes for key elements of the site. Taking an agile approach we concurrently worked on creative concepts.

User Interface design
We designed the user interface to be intuitive and be based on a popular social media newsfeed style to help with earlier adoption and buy-in from users.

To help manage project costs we developed a prototype for user testing, this meant that any changes could be made quickly and easily before full development work began.

The bespoke intranet development was achieved using the open source PHP framework Symfony2. This framework was chosen because of its flexibility of tailoring, increased security and no software licensing fees.

The outcome

The new bespoke social intranet features included:

  • Integration with third party systems including HR system
  • Single sign on (automatically logs on when user logs on to computer)
  • Permissions control (controlling viewable content from company-wide to individual level)
  • Newsfeed style message board
  • Flexible search functionality


What the clients says:

"We worked with DotLabel to produce a new intranet for the firm, the Hub, which has been well received by staff.  It is much more modern-looking, with a clean design and improved searching.  The message board feature is popular and staff like the social media features that is uses.  DotLabel ran a discovery workshop day with a focus group at the firm and the information they gleaned from this exercise meant that the initial designs and structure of the Hub remained largely unchanged as the project developed.

DotLabel have been easy to work with and have responded well as any problems have arisen."

Helen Dewar, Head of Information Services at Leigh Day


For more information about our work or to discuss your social intranet plans, contact us on 01256 329972.