Bespoke web application User Interface (UI) design and front end development

Whether it’s a customer database, an online portal, an internal scheduling system, a maintenance programme, events booking platform or a staff intranet, the purpose of having a bespoke software system is to make your operations more efficient and improve communications. However, if your web application is dated and difficult to use, it just frustrates your users, slows down workflows and people will avoid using it.

By reviewing and improving the design of the screens that people need to interact with (i.e. the User Interface), you will find that information can be accessed more quickly, data is input more accurately and more users will be more willing to use it.


Take a look at some game-changing results seen by Malcolm Maycock, Managing Director of Licence Bureau, after updating the user interface of the company’s B2B online driving licence checking portal.

Malcolm says “DotLabel were fantastic…It’s just been a fabulous journey…I would suggest our competition is probably two years behind us now.”

LIcence Bureau User Interface redesign



Our UX approach

Taking a user-centred/ User experience (UX) based approach will have significant benefits for your web application project including reduced overall costs and risks, and increased user adoption.

At DotLabel we have extensive experience in the user-centric design of interfaces and web development of a variety for different bespoke web applications. 

Our flexible User Experience methodology usually includes the research of stakeholders and users, reviewing raw data and an expert UX review. The insights from this UX research are used to draw up practical outputs, which can include user personas, user goals, tasks and scenarios, all of which are used to map key user journeys. These deliverables are used to directly shape the application architecture, wireframes and prototypes, which then provide the basis for the interface visual design.

Our team of designers and front-end developers will use the UX foundations to create a new user-friendly interface for your bespoke web application.

Collaboration with internal development teams

Our team of designers and developers are experienced at working seamlessly with existing internal web development teams and established infrastructure, so your project can move smoothly from design to build with minimal fuss.


Bespoke Web Application Development

If you need assistance with building a new bespoke web applications, our web development team use the Symfony PHP Framework. Symfony is recognised for its ability to optimise the performance of applications, it consumes less memory, allows applications to perform at significant speed and also has a powerful security system to prevent hacking. Whilst Symfony allows for functionality to be built from scratch, the benefit of a Framework means there are a number of generic components already tried and tested to help speed up the development process, such as forms. This then allows development resources to be focused on specific areas that are more complex and need more custom web development. Read more about Symfony 


Contact us about your user interface re-design or bespoke web application project.


Business benefits 

Investing in the upgrade of your application's user interface provides real business benefits that can't be ignored.

· Increased efficiency - If a system does what it needs to easily, there shouldn’t be time wasted on workarounds.
· Increased usage - If it’s easier to use, people will engage with it more often. Surely it’s a no-brainer for those systems that directly relate to income e.g. customer facing platforms or membership portals.
· Increase accuracy of data input- Any database is only as good as the data stored in it. If the interface can chunk down information to be captured in a manageable way, it can increase the accuracy of data input.
· Reduced training- If a system is intuitive, new users should only need minimal training on how to use the system.


We have a range of case studies which showcase our experience of user interface design and bespoke web application development, simply contact us and we would be happy to discuss relevant examples of our work.