Symfony PHP

Considered one of the best PHP frameworks in the industry, Symfony has one of the most active communities worldwide, with a huge support and developer network, helping to ensure its evolution and longevity.

Symfony is recognised for its ability to optimise the performance of applications, it consumes less memory, it allows applications to perform at significant speed and it also has a powerful security system to prevent hacking.

Whilst Symfony allows for functionality to be built from scratch, the benefit of a Framework means there are a number of generic components already tried and tested to help speed up the development process, such as forms. This then allows development resources to be focused on specific areas that are more complex and need more custom web development.

As the web development will be specifically tailored to your business needs there will be no unnecessary or confusing functionality that can sometime occur with generic solutions and impair the CMS user’s experience.

To identify the best solution for your needs and budget, we would usually undertake a consultative project scoping exercise combining stakeholder goals and user expectations with desired features and functionalities.

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To ensure quality and consistency on our web development projects we work to the industry respected Symfony coding standards. We use the Bootstrap framework to ensure consistency and speed on browsers. Our work adheres to to W3C and WAI A Class standards as a minimum, we can develop to AA class if required.

We have a structured testing procedure that includes web vulnerability tests and three tier internal testing before User Acceptance Testing (UAT).