The Challenge

The campaign site was launched to promote Barclays new investment approach based on the behavioural economics, Barclays set out to prove that client emotions have the biggest impact on their financial performance.

A digital campaign drove High Net Worth prospects to a revolutionary immersive online experience where they could experience how their own emotions and personality influence their investment decisions and outcomes.

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What We Did

We worked with Ogilvy and Barclays to create an immersive content-rich experience that leads the visitor through a voyage of self discovery using interactive games, demonstrations and self-assessment experiences, including our proprietary Financial Personality Assessment.

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The Outcome

This approach not only significantly outperformed industry norms, it created a global magnet that attracted 45,000 international high net worth individuals, turning the campaign website into an online community for thoughtful investors and a valuable prospecting resource for Barclays.

  • The campaign attracted a higher net worth audience than typical web audiences: 37% of site visitors held £500,000+ in assets, 10% over £3 million (source: visitors FPA profile).

  • Awareness of Barclays Wealth as a wealth management provider increased significantly: Website visitors were 47.3% more likely to associate Barclays with wealth management versus non-visitors.

  • Over a third of visits featured active participation in interactive demos, suggesting that the rich content was a key driver of prospect engagement and interest.