The Challenge

Leigh Day is a specialist law firm with over 400 staff with offices in London and Manchester. Their existing intranet was over 8 years old, it wasn’t used very often by the staff because it was difficult to navigate and had limited functionality.

One significant issue for the business was that employees continued to send a huge number of emails to their colleagues. Plus, because of its lack of integration with other IT systems, data was duplicated and inconsistent across systems.

Leigh Day wanted to invest in creating a single, go-to hub of information that integrated with their HR system. It was important that their new platform had a single universal sign-on to make it easy for people to access, as well as being fully auditable.

Their new platform had to be more up-to-date, focused on being user-friendly and hold all the relevant content in an easy-to-find, logical structure. Their ambition was to ultimately help employees connect and network with each other, removing the need for endless emails.

A particular challenge that Leigh Day had to tackle was organising the extensive volumes of content and managing the needs and priorities of the various stakeholders across the business.

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What We Did

Discovery and Behaviour Analysis

To ensure that we had identified all of the user requirements, and to ensure the smooth running of the project from the outset, we started with a Stakeholder Discovery Workshop. Bringing together key stakeholders from across the organisation enabled all parties to share their pains and frustrations, needs and wants for the platform. At the end of the session, all participants agreed on the content and the priorities for the intranet.

Techniques used

  • Stakeholder Discovery Workshop


Structure and Content

Following the insight from the Stakeholder Workshop, we were able to review and arrange the intranet’s content and apply a logical format to ensure navigation was improved.

Techniques used

  • Information architecture review
  • Content strategy



We developed wireframes for the home page, mega menu and the site architecture. Using an Agile approach to the project, we were able to concurrently design the wireframes as well as develop the creative.

Techniques used

  • Agile methodology
  • Wireframes



A key objective for the project team was to ensure that employees would use the new system. It was identified that designing the interface to incorporate an intuitive design based on a popular social media newsfeed style would help with earlier adoption and gain buy-in from users. The creative designs were delivered inline with Leigh Day’s existing brand guidelines.

Techniques used

  • Concept sketching
  • Creative digital design



Once the wireframes were approved, prototypes were developed to enable user testing. Creating the prototypes enabled the stakeholders at Leigh Day to experience how the intranet would work, and made it easier and more cost effective for them to make any changes before full development began.

Techniques used

  • Prototyping



To fulfil each of the stakeholder requirements the following features were included on the bespoke intranet platform. The intranet was developed in Symfony2 because of its flexibility for tailoring, its increased security levels and the fact it is open-source.

Features included

  • Integration with other systems including HR system
  • Single sign-on (automatically logs on when user logs on to their computer)
  • Permissions control – content viewing control from company-wide to department-wide to individuals.
  • Newsfeed-style message board
  • Flexible search functionality
ld feature 01
ld feature 02

The Outcome

Leigh Day’s new intranet has just launched and we are looking forward to receiving feedback from users soon. 


If you are interested in finding out more about having a bespoke intranet solution tailored to your organisation's need, please contact us on 01256 329972.

We worked with DotLabel to produce a new intranet for the firm, the Hub, which has been well received by staff.  It is much more modern-looking, with a clean design and improved searching.  The message board feature is popular and staff like the social media features that is uses.  DotLabel ran a discovery workshop day with a focus group at the firm and the information they gleaned from this exercise meant that the initial designs and structure of the Hub remained largely unchanged as the project developed.

DotLabel have been easy to work with and have responded well as any problems have arisen.

Helen Dewar, Head of Information Services at Leigh Day