The Challenge

SSP Worldwide wanted to update their existing platform because it was out-dated and unintuitive. The overly complicated interface made it difficult for customers to use and led to low user engagement.

By addressing these issues SSP’s aim was to minimise the level of their post-sale involvement, such as re-training and essentially using the system on behalf of the clients. This meant SSP could increase its efficiency and reduce resource costs.

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What We Did

Discovery and Analysis

Using stakeholder workshops and user interviews, we were able to understand the business goals and user needs for the platform. By undertaking a ‘Task Flow Analysis’ and ‘Process Flow’ research we were able to get a deep understanding of the various user journeys. This insight enabled us to plan and optimise the user experience by improving any areas of friction or confusion for the users.

Structure and Content

We reviewed and mapped out the existing very complex modular system and designed a simple, intuitive workflow and interface that enabled users to work logically and efficiently to create its insurance products. We then created a navigation flow for primary user journeys, illustrating key top- level pages and interactions whilst incorporating considerations for key goals and tasks.

Skeletal Design and Prototype Testing

Using specialist software, we developed low-detail static wireframes that, through a series of rapid iterations driven by insights gained from user and stakeholder testing, evolved into a highly detailed, fully interactive working prototype of identified key pages and vital user interactions.

User Interface (UI) Design

Once the fundamentals of the UI and user interactions had been tested and agreed at the end of the Skeletal Design phase, we started on the visual concepts. Working closely with SSP, we evolved the creative designs of key pages from initial concepts through to final designs and guidelines ready for launch.

Techniques used

Stakeholder workshop

User interviews

Task Flow Analysis

Process Flow Research



Expert Testing

Stakeholder Testing

User Testing


Concept creative design

Best practice UI design

We wanted to disrupt our industry by creating a leading new software interface that made it much easier for our clients to create their own insurance product. This user-centric approach put us ahead of our competitors, reduced our costs and helped drive business growth.

Kevin Gaut, Chief Technology Officer, SSP Worldwide
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The Outcome

By taking a user-centric approach based on user research, we were able to identify the key user frustrations and pain points. This valuable insight ensured that a more intuitive interface was designed, and ensured users were led through logical journeys that were both understandable and memorable. This improved user experience resulted in increased engagement and repeat use of the software tool.