The Challenge

The Balvenie is a leading single malt Scotch whisky brand that is part of the renowned William Grant and Sons distillery group.

The Balvenie is a global brand that passionately celebrates the five traditional and rare crafts that are used to make the whisky so incredibly unique.

The Balvenie global marketing team consider their website as a vital channel to communicate their brand messages to their global target audiences. The team were keen to ensure their online presence continued to evolve alongside the evolution of the brand to meet their new business goals and user expectations. In addition, they wanted to redevelop their site to be more flexible and adaptable to meet needs of their local market brand teams.

The Balvenie global marketing team put User Experience (UX) high on their agenda to ensure that the new site retained existing customers as well as attract new connoisseurs of whisky.

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What We Did

Stakeholder research & insights

We undertook research and a full Requirements Capture with the global team as well as the local market teams in the USA, Asia, France, Russia and the UK. The aim of this research was to understand the needs and differences between the local markets to ensure the solution met the various stakeholder needs.

Competitor research & insights

Research into competitor and relevant FMCG products was also undertaken to ensure that the proposed solution would help The Balvenie be ahead of the game.

UX Design

The research findings, as well as UX best practice and expert insight, was used to inform the development of the site architecture and the creation of user journey maps.

A full suite of desktop and mobile wireframes were created, including high fidelity wireframes, to give the local marketing teams a sense of the proposed layout of their site before the full development began.

The Balvenie local market teams each wanted different features and all needed different third party integrations such as online payment and events tools, so the design and development of the site had to accommodate these requirements. The proposed solution was designed using a modular approach to create a flexible and adaptable product to give each team the control they wanted.


Initial creative concepts were designed for the user interface and we worked with The Balvenie’s communications agency Splendid, to complete the final designs inline with the established brand identity.

We worked closely with the global and local market teams to collect and implement any feedback.

Web Development

The website was developed in the open source Silverstripe CMS as it was a cost effective and flexible solution which met needs of the teams. By having a flexible CMS it enabled the solution to be tailored to each of the brand teams and therefore provide a better and more relevant user experience.

Techniques used

Global stakeholder research

Competitor research & insights

UX expert insight

UX best practice

Site architecture

Desktop and mobile wireframes

User journey maps

Web development

Silverstripe CMS

On behalf of the US team, I would like to say that DotLabel have been nothing short of amazing on the projects they have helped us with. They have done a ton of great work for us in a very short amount of time and it seems they make themselves available whenever we need them.
We love working with DotLabel, and we thank you for putting them in our hands. That’s all!

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The Outcome

The actual build of the six websites (the global site and the five translated local market sites) took just two and a half months to complete. The site launched in early May and we are already in discussions with The Balvenie about a number of mini projects to evolve the site further.


Bounce rate

Down 40% from previous site



Pages per session



Time on site